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Guides contain in-depth, detailed information on how to do specific things related to Path of Exile.

Writing guides

Editors may create new guides in the Guide namespace. Editors are free to write about any subject that has value to the Path of Exile community. For information intended for personal use, editors should use their userspace instead. Guides, like other articles on the wiki, are not credited solely to whoever initially writes them. They are intended to be collaborative works.

When writing a new guide, choose a subject that is limited in scope. The lead section should clearly define the purpose of the guide. This is very important for two reasons:

  1. It lets readers know what to expect from the guide
  2. It helps editors understand how to contribute to the guide in a meaningful way

Use {{guide}} at the top of the guide to quickly inform readers of the subject matter covered and how up to date it is.

The "how to" guide is common, but guides do not have to be written in any particular format. Guides could also be in the form of studies, analyses or even essays. Unlike mainspace articles, which should always present information objectively, guides are allowed to be opinionated. Character build guides are permitted, but editors should be aware that such guides are liable to become outdated rather quickly if they are not maintained.

List of guides

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