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This article describes historical game content.

Metamorph organs were deleted after the removal of Metamorph as a mechanic in version 3.23.0.

Monster organ samples refer to the items dropped from the in-game Metamorph encounter, introduced in Metamorph league. This encounter is considered Extra Content and has a baseline 8% chance to appear in any non-unique map area.

The itemized unique monster organ samples (referred as "Greater Samples" in in-game dialogue) only drop from defeating the Metamorph that was constructed by the player in a map. The five types of organs are Brain, Eye, Heart, Lung and Liver.


A nearly-filled meter. Note that all samples from the map area are collected, and the combination is already using the highest rarity of each sample type.

In the encounter, certain monsters (and the map boss) are marked with a green "arrow" on their bodies as well as marked on the mini-map with a circular green icon , and the monster health and name bar have a similar green circle. Defeating these marked monsters will cause them to drop organ samples which are automatically collected. With a full set of samples - Brain, Eye, Heart, Lung, and Liver - players can construct a Metamorph based on the combination they have used by spawning Tane Octavius and his Metamorph Vial using a button on the bottom right (PC default keybind: V). Tane spawns automatically once you've collected every organ in the zone.

Players can use any combination of the collected organs to create the Metamorph monster. Each monster is made up of 5 organs, and players must select one of each type before constructing the Metamorph monster. Each organ determines the attacks the Metamorph uses, as well as the monster modifiers it has. Sometimes an organ will contain an additional item drop bonus. Moreover, a meter to the right fills based on sample rarity, which increases the monster's overall stats and item drops. Organs from higher rarity monsters will give larger increases to this meter. If the meter is filled as well as using at least one map boss sample (which have the same orange item color as unique items), the Metamorph will drop an itemized organ sample, named after the name of the map boss, which can be placed in player's inventory. Note that in some cases, even in a fully cleared map, there are not enough rare and unique organ samples to fully fill the meter, due to external factors such as map rarity, map mods, map tier and pack size.

Only one Metamorph boss can be constructed per a map instance (excepting having allocated the Replicated Results Atlas passive skill), and only the itemized organ(s) can be transferred out of the zone instance. Player can boost the drop of itemized organs by using Metamorph Scarabs or Atlas passive skills. Each specific Metamorph monster can only drop a single type of itemized organ (though it can drop more than one of that type due to atlas passives or scarabs), regardless of how many Unique monster organs are included in its construction.

The Metamorph monster will have a combination of attacks and abilities depending on the organs used (each organ lists a usable monster skill and inheritable monster modifiers). It will inherit Archnemesis modifiers of magic or rare monsters used in its construction, but its drops are not affected by the Archnemesis drop conversion system. It can also inherit Essence modifiers.

Itemized samples can be used in the Metamorph Vial in Tane's Laboratory. A full set of itemized organs can be used to construct a Metamorph there. The mods on the itemized organs indicate additional items the Metamorph will drop. Note that no itemized samples drop in the lab. However, this Metamorph can drop exclusive rewards, including a set of 4 exclusive Unique items.

List of Metamorph organ samples basetypes

  • Metamorph BrainMetamorph BrainCombine this with four other different samples in Tane's Laboratory. - the abilities associated with Brain samples are "Lingering"
  • Metamorph EyeMetamorph EyeCombine this with four other different samples in Tane's Laboratory. - the abilities associated with Eye samples are "Simple"
  • Metamorph LungMetamorph LungCombine this with four other different samples in Tane's Laboratory. - the abilities associated with Lung samples have "Medium Delay"
  • Metamorph HeartMetamorph HeartCombine this with four other different samples in Tane's Laboratory. - the abilities associated with Heart samples have "Long Delay"
  • Metamorph LiverMetamorph LiverCombine this with four other different samples in Tane's Laboratory. - the abilities associated with Liver samples have "Short Delay"

Maximizing Itemized Samples

Metamorph itemized sample yield can be increased in the following ways:

  • The atlas passive skill Organ Donor will cause Metamorphs to drop an additional itemized sample.
  • Using a Module Error: No results found for item using search term "item_name = Polished Metamorph Scarab" or Module Error: No results found for item using search term "item_name = Gilded Metamorph Scarab" will cause the Metamorph to drop an additional itemized sample, and a Winged Metamorph Scarab will drop two additional itemized samples.
  • With the atlas passive skill Replicated Results a second metamorph can be created after the first is defeated. Only a metamorph with a map boss sample will drop an itemized organ. On some maps such as Courtyard MapCourtyard MapMap Level: 72
    Map Tier: 5
    Guild Character: 4
    An elaborate, beautiful garden,
    hidden from the public. Selfish.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    , multiple bosses are available, allowing itemized samples to be produced from both Metamorphs. Note that there is a chance that not enough organs will spawn to construct an extra Metamorph.

Using all three of the above it is possible to generate up to 8 itemized samples from a single map instance, not including those from Rogue Metamorphs.

Vendor recipe

Any three itemized organs (even of differing types) can be sold to a NPC to receive a random organ differing from those offered, with random rewards. Thus, if the players lack Eyes and/or Livers, they should use 1 Brain, 1 Heart, and 1 Lung in the recipe to maximize the chances of receiving an organ they need.


Metamorphs can be spawned anywhere on the map using the UI button in the lower right. Using different strategies with placement can make defeating them easier.

  • For characters that can hit enemies off screen with ranged skills, placing the metamorph in an open area will make it easier to hit them far away and get away.
  • For characters that use melee hits, placing the metamorph in the smallest area you can find will prevent large amounts of enemies from hitting you at the same time.
  • If the atlas has a voidstone with a sextant modifier that says "Area has additional packs of monsters that convert" there will be traitorous totems on the map that give the player and minions auras. Spawning the metamorph near these totems will give the player and minions auras during the metamorph fight.

See also

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  • Beast - league item that used as ingredients of league mechanics
  • Captured memories - legacy league item that could be used as ingredients of league mechanics in the past
    • Memory Nexus - an area that used to be placing Captured memory to craft a playable area
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Version history

Version Changes
  • Metamorph has been removed from the core game.
  • Itemised Metamorph Samples will be deleted upon logging in.
  • Prophecy Item rewards are no longer obtainable from other League content. Existing Prophecy rewards types on Heist Blueprints and Itemised Metamorph Samples have been converted to Currency rewards.
  • Existing itemized Metamorph Organs in the permanent leagues, that previously gave Perandus rewards will instead provide Expedition Item rewards. Expedition rewards cannot be obtained from new Metamorph encounters.
  • Spawn chance in map has changed to 8%[1]
  • Fixed several Metamorph skills that were using the wrong visual effects.
  • Metamorph, and Tane, can now be found once you reach maps. Each map has a 10% chance to be populated with monsters who can drop Metamorph parts.
  • The "maximum power" effect on the bar to the right of the Metamorph panel no longer plays if it is impossible for the fight to drop an itemised organ.
  • Added a new vendor recipe for Metamorph organs. Three of any organs can be given to receive a random organ differing from those offered, with random rewards.
  • Fixed an uncommon case where Metamorph organs were missing when the area had been cleared.
  • Visual effects from monsters that give organs dying now correctly remain rather than being removed shortly after.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the distribution of organs in Metamorph League. They should now actually drop evenly. We will also be adding a recipe later to help players with excess organs.
  • Fixed a bug in Metamorph League where Tane Octavius would appear before all parts were found.
  • Metamorph samples are now collected automatically when monsters die.
  • Every Map Boss can now be chosen for all organ types for Metamorph League. This will result in an even distribution of the different organs to use in Tane's Laboratory.
  • Fixed a bug in Metamorph League where organs could be placed in the Anointing slot, resulting in a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where Itemised Metamorph Samples could be used in the "Convert this Unique Item" Bestiary recipe.
  • Fixed another case of Unnamed Monster Components dropping from Metamorph targets. This also fixes the issue where the Metamorph UI would display samples that didn't exist.
  • Fixed the Unnamed Monster Component bug. This has temporarily introduced a visual bug where the Metamorph interface will show unobtainable monsters. This will be fixed in a follow-up hotfix.
  • Fixed a bug in Metamorph League where map bosses sometimes did not drop organs.
  • Introduced to the game as league mechanics.
    • In the Metamorph Challenge League, fellow exile Tane Octavius is investigating the source of ill intent in the world; what he calls "The Intrinsic Darkness". Help him by harvesting flesh samples from monsters throughout Wraeclast and combining them to summon powerful, transforming bosses: Metamorphs.
    • Once you reach maps, you'll be able to acquire samples from map bosses in different areas and combine them in Tāne's lab for fights that are extra difficult (but extra rewarding!).


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