Merveil, the Siren

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Merveil, the Siren
Merveil, the Siren
Merveil, the Siren
Location(s) The Cavern of Anger (Act 1)
Quest(s) The Siren's Cadence
Resistance(s) Resists Elemental Damage
Resists Chaos Damage
Skill(s) Ice Storm
Animate Weapon
Barrage of Ice Spears
Summons Statues

Summons Larvae
Freezing Pulse
Summons Unique Monsters
Seawitch Screech
For a map version, see Merveil, the Reflection.

Merveil, the Siren is the final boss of Act 1, located in the Cavern of Anger. Defeating her is the objective of the quest The Siren's Cadence.


Merveil has two forms. The first, humanoid form uses the following skills:

  • Ice Storm that leaves chilled ground.
  • A barrage of ice bolts.
  • Summons animated weapons with CycloneCycloneAttack, AoE, Movement, Channelling, Physical, Melee
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: 2 Mana
    Attack Speed: 300% of base
    Attack Damage: (44-59)% of base
    Effectiveness of Added Damage: (44-59)%
    AoE Radius: 1.6
    Requires Level 28Channel this skill to move towards a targeted location while spinning constantly attacking enemies in an area around you. While channelling this skill, you cannot be knocked back.(5-28) to (8-42) Added Attack Physical Damage
    10% increased Area of Effect per 0.1 metre additional Melee Strike Range
    30% less Movement Speed

    Additional Effects From 1-20% Quality:
    (0.5-10)% more Movement Speed
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
  • Summons statues.
  • Normal melee attacks.

After the first form is defeated, Merveil will turn into the second siren form (Merveil, The Twisted), which uses the following skills:

  • Creates geysers that rapidly hit anything within them for cold damage.
  • Summon Brood Larva and Unstable Larva
  • Freezing PulseFreezing PulseSpell, Projectile, Cold
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: (5-21) Mana
    Cast Time: 0.65 sec
    Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
    Effectiveness of Added Damage: 330%
    Projectile Speed: 1800
    An icy projectile which has a chance to freeze enemies it passes through. The projectile fades quickly, reducing damage and freezing chance until it dissipates.Deals (8-1458) to (12-2188) Cold Damage
    Projectiles Pierce all Targets
    Projectiles continuously lose Damage, up to 50% less Damage by the time they dissipate
    Projectiles have 25% chance to Freeze, which is lost over the first quarter of their flight

    Additional Effects From 1-20% Quality:
    (2-40)% increased Projectile Speed
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
  • Cold projectile mortar
  • Screech


Exquisitely beautiful, slim, graceful and kind, fair Merveil was the envy of all the court maidens. As the most desired, it was only fitting she attracted the affections of Daresso, a famed swordsman, notorious flirt, and renowned treasure hunter. Their courtship was a whirlwind, the stuff of gossip and whispers among the courtesans [sic]. Daresso proposed to Merveil a mere fortnight after their first meeting, bending down upon one knee in the city garden at sunrise, as was the custom. For their engagement, he presented his lady with his most prized possession, the Star of Wraeclast. It was a dazzling ruby necklace, the gemstone nearly the size of a child's fist, hung from a braid of pure spun gold and inlaid with a twining ribbon of milky pearl. Rumor had it that Daresso had found the gemstone on a recent campaign deep into Wraeclast's wild jungle interior, a journey that claimed the lives of several men. Regardless of its origin, Merveil accepted the gift with joy, clasping it about her silky neck. The brilliant stone seemed to glow at her bosom with its own light. This was to be her happiest moment, for things did not unfold so well thereafter.

In the days that followed the grand wedding, Merveil was seen about the city, appearing to float on a cloud of joy, so difficult to read was her expression of blank contentment. She went from home to the market to the theater, always with the precious necklace at her throat, the better for all to see. One would think that someone so proud of an object would willingly allow others to handle it, but not so with Merveil. The first sign of warning came at a party, when one of the lady's friends decided to reach out to caress the beguiling stone. The woman's fingers had only brushed the gem, when Merveil screeched and clawed violently at her friend's face. Some who attended the party swore that the sound was more of a hiss than a scream, but all could agree on the horror of the injuries inflicted. The girl lost an eye but was lucky to keep any sight at all.

Naturally, Daresso was aghast at his bride's actions, yet Merveil’s rage at the party was only a sign of things to come. She began to leave their bed at night, wandering the black streets aimlessly and returning home disheveled and smelling foul. On one night, her husband awoke to find her naked in bed with him, as freezing cold as death itself, her skin covered in some sort of vile slime. It was even said that she had seaweed tangled in her hair, but of course that was false, wasn't it? After all, the sea was a long walk from the city, down at the bottom of jagged cliffs.

As Merveil's behavior grew increasingly alarming and strange, her obsession with the necklace grew. She never removed it, and took to clutching the gemstone tightly in her hand, polishing it and staring evilly at anyone casting a glance her way. Whatever had corrupted her mind began to take hold of her body as well, for the once graceful girl now shuffled about like an aged crone. She abandoned the tasteful wardrobe that had once brought her so much attention, choosing instead to dress in stinking, tattered rags. People began to whisper that her body appeared to be changing beneath the garments, becoming lumpy, with odd bulges at her back and shoulders. Merveil took to hiding her face from view beneath a grimy cowl, but a few who saw her in good light said that her visage had changed as well. It was all stretched with blotched skin, her lips pulled back in an agonizing grimace, her exposed teeth long and sharp. Through all of this, Daresso remained a dedicated stalwart beside his wife, and few could fault him. Merveil now carried his child within her.

Yet the bonds of marriage were soon not strong enough. On a moonless night, with his wife fitfully asleep, Daresso gathered a few light possessions, slipped out into the night, and sailed off from Wraeclast on the midnight tide. Finding him gone in the morning, the last of Merveil's waning sanity appeared to slip away. She ran the entire distance to the cliffs barefoot, bloodying her feet on the hard cobbles of the road. Then she climbed down the rocks like a thing possessed and stood on the sandy beach, clutching the necklace to her chest while she screamed at the top of her lungs. Efforts to bring the girl back to the city were futile. She would attack anyone who got close.

For many days, Merveil remained at the water's edge, filthy and forlorn. She sustained herself on fish she pulled from the waters, devouring them alive, bones and all. She huddled in a nearby cave during the day, and spent the cold night hours standing knee-deep in the waves, singing out to the ocean for her lost husband. Her countenance grew haggard and shriveled, but her belly continued to grow, and when the child was finally born it was a freakish nightmare of scales, slime and tentacles. It was also female. With the birth of her spawn, Merveil retreated deep into the labyrinth of tidal tunnels beneath Wraeclast's cliff walls, where she grew ever more twisted and corrupt. Still the Star remained about her throat, pulsing with some dark energy.

It seems that in the years since these tragic events, the fair lady has been busy producing more children, though by what mechanism none can say. Her daughters, now of untold number, haunt the island's shoreline. With lilting sweet voices, they call out at night to passing sailors, bidding their father to return to them. Their mother dwells deep in the bowels of the mountain, now fully possessed by the jewel around her neck, imbued by it with powerful, deadly magics. It is unlikely she will welcome anyone who blunders into her lair.[1]

Merveil herself is quite delusional. She didn't know that it was the Nightmare calling for her, she thought it was the spirit of Kalisa,[2] a famous singer who sung in the Sarn Arena shortly before the Cataclysm,[3] instructing her how to sing even prettier. She still awaits Daresso to return with the cure for her condition, but she wants to throw away the cure as she just wants to see Daresso and show him her monstrous daughters.

Dialogue & Speech

Upon entering the Cavern of Wrath: [Singing]: ♫I gave away my heart on the promise of a lie... I gave away my heart for nothing.♫

Upon killing an Elite (random) enemy: [Screaming in agony]: MY CHILD! (she only does this once)

Nearing the entrance to the Cave of Anger: "I am so cold and lonely.... Embrace me."

Entering the Cave Of Anger: "I wait for his return ... Daresso. I wait like a good wife."

Nearing the the entrance to Merveil's Lair: "At last. I have so much to share with you."

Throughout the whole encounter with Merveil, you can hear talking/rambling. What she says is random and indecipherable.

The Encounter

Start of the fight: "This is love's true FACE!"

Randomly: "Fear tastes so sweet!" / "Dinner's served, children!" / "Your flesh is ours!"


There is one achievement related to Merveil:

Name Description
The Star of Wraeclast
Kill Merveil, the Siren.



Version history

Version Changes
  • Act 1 have seen significant improvements to monster and boss encounters.
  • Fixed a bug where Merveil's illusions weren't appearing in The Cavern of Anger.
  • We have reduced the damage of Merveil's Ice Spear by 15% in normal difficulty, with smaller reductions in Cruel and Merciless. Her Geysers now hit a smaller area.
  • The Brutus and Merveil boss fights have been redesigned. These changes also affect their end-game Map equivalents. One of the Merveil encounters now only includes the first stage of the fight. All Map versions of these fights have enhanced versions of some of their skills.
  • Item drops from Merveil, [...] have been substantially increased in Cruel and Merciless difficulties.
  • Merveil now uses new custom (purchasable!) art for her Cold Snap skill.
  • Merveil's second form has been given new abilities. This fight will be improved later.
  • Fixed a bug where the Merveil illusions would not work properly.
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur when killing Brutus or Merveil.
  • The Merveil, Brutus and Vaal Oversoul fights now lock the door behind you for the duration of the fight, so that players aren't able to retreat to the linked area. Portals are still allowed.
  • Killing Brutus or Merveil will now grant the next waypoint.
  • Added a new music track for the Merveil fight.
  • Reduced the number of Ice Spears fired by Hailrake and Merveil in merciless difficulty.
  • Reduced the chill duration of Merveil's Ice Spear.
  • Reduced the damage of Ice Nova for Merveil and Water Elementals.
  • Reduced chill and freeze duration of Cold Snap for Merveil and Water Elementals.
  • Reduced the distance that Merveil and Water Elementals can Cold Snap you from.
  • Fixed a bug where Merveil would not drop her act boss item rewards properly.
  • The areas that Brutus and Merveil occupy have been incorporated into the previous areas (with an internal teleporter to access them) so that players aren't able to abusively farm them with instance management. The large chests have been removed from these areas.
  • The Merveil fight has been made harder. She now uses her skills more intelligently and deals a lot of cold damage.
  • Merveil's Lair now has a new exit.
  • Improved the behaviour of monsters that have both projectile and melee attacks. Sea Witches and Merveil's second form now have melee attacks and this behaviour. They cast skills at you until they are low on mana, and then close in for melee combat.
  • The next waypoint is now automatically granted after completing areas containing Brutus, Merveil or the end of act two.
  • Merveil now uses Ice Spear rather than Fireball. Cold resistance is an effective plan against her.
  • Fixed a bug where Merveil was using normal-difficulty spells in the higher difficulties.
  • Fixed a case where players could trap Merveil's second form against a wall and kill her safely.
  • Reduced the freeze duration of Merveil's Cold Snap.
  • Increased the Life and damage of various bosses: Brutus, Merveil (both forms), [...]
  • Reduced graphical lag related to Merveil's fireballs.
  • Restored the large chest in Merveil's Lair.
  • Halved the damage of Merveil's fireball attack, now that she's able to hit you with multiple fireballs at once.
  • Merveil now shouldn't fail to spawn her second form or her minions if you're too far away.
  • Merveil has equipped a multiple projectiles support gem.
  • Merveil's second form will now attack you properly.
  • Merveil should always spawn spawns.

See also

  1. Official Path of Exile Website
  2. Damp Diary in Merveil's Lair
  3. Leo tells this when speaking about a Gemling Legionnaire killing four Ezomytes very fast