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Medallion race season was a race season and ran from 2016-07-23 to 2016-08-19. Its signature race was a Fixed Seed event called Medallion. A summary of your points can be found on your profile at the Path of Exile website. Any prizes earned from these races can not be withdrawn into a new challenge league until that league is at least four weeks old.


All items are item level 100 and feature an alternate 2D art only available in this season.

Points Reward
10 Ngamahu TikiNgamahu Tiki
Coral Amulet
Requires Level 36Regenerate (2-4) Life per second(50-70)% increased Fire Damage
+(150-250) to Evasion Rating while on Low Life
+(30-50) to maximum Life
+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance
Regenerate 1% of Life per second while on Low Life
Flames to guide the Great Spirit to the site of the dead,
and smoke to carry them into the sky.
40 Night's HoldNight's Hold
Black Maw Talisman
Talisman Tier: 1
Requires Level 12
Has 1 Socket+2 to Level of Socketed Gems
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Added Chaos Damage
Socketed Gems are supported by Level 10 Blind
Socketed Gems are supported by Level 10 Cast when Stunned
CorruptedIn the light of Solaris, the shadows cower and hide.
But every night they gather and grow,
and all but the strong and the stupid
seek shelter from their grasp until daybreak.
100 Tear of PurityTear of Purity
Lapis Amulet
Requires Level 5+(20-30) to IntelligenceGrants Level 10 Purity of Elements Skill
+(10-20) to all Attributes
+(20-40) to maximum Life
+(5-10)% to all Elemental Resistances
A shimmering symbol of Purity, clear as water,
but I know better than most how quickly
Purity can succumb to Corruption.
How quickly water turns to blood.
- Victario, the People's Poet
250 Victario's AcuityVictario's Acuity
Turquoise Amulet
Requires Level 16+(16-24) to Dexterity and Intelligence+(30-40)% to Lightning Resistance
+(8-10)% to Chaos Resistance
10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill
10% chance to gain a Power Charge on Kill
5% increased Projectile Speed per Frenzy Charge
5% increased Projectile Damage per Power Charge
"Grind your words into sharp thoughts.
Grind your thoughts into the sharpest of deeds."
- Victario, the People's Poet
500 Natural HierarchyNatural Hierarchy
Rotfeather Talisman
Talisman Tier: 3
Requires Level 44
(25-35)% increased Damage(10-15)% increased Global Physical Damage
(25-30)% increased Fire Damage
(20-25)% increased Cold Damage
(15-20)% increased Lightning Damage
(30-35)% increased Chaos Damage
CorruptedJust as the rat cowers before the dog
and the dog cowers before Man,
so too should we cower before the First Ones
and pray we never learn of what comes next.
1000 Voll's DevotionVoll's Devotion
Agate Amulet
Requires Level 32+(16-24) to Strength and Intelligence+(20-30) to maximum Energy Shield
+(30-40) to maximum Life
+(15-20)% to all Elemental Resistances
30% reduced Endurance Charge Duration
30% reduced Power Charge Duration
Gain an Endurance Charge when you lose a Power Charge
"We are the soldiers of Faith, armoured in devotion.
Let the sinners come, for we - the Pure - shall endure!"
- Voll of Thebrus, at the Battle of the Bridge

Modifiers included in the Medallion race season

These are the modifiers included in this race season.[1]

  • Ancestral: All areas except towns have enemy totems spread across the zone that grant benefits to your enemies while attacking you.
  • Arctic: All areas other than towns contain drifting areas of cold damage.
  • Blood Magic: Characters act as if they have the Blood Magic passive allocated. This will cause them to consume life instead of mana for skills with mana cost and mana reservations.
  • Brutal: Monsters have 20% increased attack and cast speed, and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Emberwake: 30% of monsters' physical damage is added as fire, and they move 30% faster.
  • Eternal Torment: All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by 10 additional Tormented Spirits. The Tormented Spirits will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions.
  • Exiles Everywhere: All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by 20 additional rogue exiles. Exiles will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions.
  • Fixed Seed: All instances of a given area have the same area layout for all players. Multiple Race Events will regularly have the same seed. That is, the instance area layouts will be same in all the races of a fixed seed set. This includes all Signature events.
  • Headhunter: When you kill a rare monster, you gain all its mods for 20 seconds. Every monster pack has a rare monster (even the Twilight Strand). This race type is voided.
  • Lethal: Monsters deal 50% increased damage. Monsters have 50% of their physical damage added as cold damage, as fire damage, and as lightning damage. (Some races will not have the extra cold damage)
  • Multiple Projectiles: Monsters have four additional projectiles when using projectile based skills/attacks.
  • Revealed Map: The minimap is automatically fully revealed.
  • Turbo: Monsters run, attack and cast 60% faster than normal.
  • Unwavering: Monsters have 35% increased life and cannot be stunned.
  • Winterheart: All areas contain patches of chilled ground. Players are accelerated, rather than being slowed by being chilled.
  • Sentinel: All areas except towns have enemy sentinels spread across the zone.

Top 20 players

The following players all received an alternate art Demigod's DominanceDemigod's Dominance
Golden Mantle
Armour: (75-86)
Evasion: (75-86)
Energy Shield: (17-19)
Requires Level 20+(15-25)% to all Elemental Resistances+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
+(30-50) to all Attributes
The victorious know only leadership,
the rest only servitude.

Rank Account name Points
1 Steelmage 1932
2 feelgewd 1851
3 D_bak 1767
4 Robit 1686
5 kefirhl 1593
6 Jorja 1574
7 Krame_ 1522
8 passofexhale 1519
9 Lifesprigguy 1463
10 Fightgarr 1427
11 Cersei 1387
12 Dispersion1337 1374
13 Johnny_Annihilation 1337
14 Lemeza 1327
15 Oskarmln 1318
16 Tetoz 1305
17 masteeer 1296
18 ilikepi3 1294
19 Thomas1508 1284
20 Zizaran 1283


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