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List of fishing rod modifiers

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Fishing rods

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The table below displays the available modifiers for items such as Fishing RodFishing RodFishing Rod
Physical Damage: 7-13
Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
Attacks per Second: 1.20
Weapon Range: 13


#% increased Fishing Line Strength (Global)
   FiligreeReq. Lv. 1(20-40)% increased Fishing Line Strength
Totemic Wood Lure (Global)
   AlluringReq. Lv. 1Totemic Wood Lure
#% reduced Fishing Pool Consumption (Global)
   CalmingReq. Lv. 1(30-15)% reduced Fishing Pool Consumption


#% increased Fishing Range (Global)
   of FlightReq. Lv. 1(30-50)% increased Fishing Range
Eternal Iron Hook (Global)
   of SnaringReq. Lv. 1Eternal Iron Hook
#% increased Quantity of Fish Caught (Global)
   of FascinationReq. Lv. 1(15-20)% increased Quantity of Fish Caught
#% increased Rarity of Fish Caught (Global)
   of BountyReq. Lv. 1(25-40)% increased Rarity of Fish Caught
#% increased Cast Speed (Global)
   of CastingReq. Lv. 10(24-28)% increased Cast Speed*red_herring, caster, speed


You can catch Corrupted Fish (Global)
   CorruptFishReq. Lv. 1You can catch Corrupted Fish*vaal

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