Lightning Mirage

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A spawned Lightning Mirage
Visual of a monster with the legacy Lightning Mirage nemesis modifier and legacy Physical Damage monster aura

A Lightning Mirage is a blue-coloured non-targetable mirage created by monsters with the "Lightning Mirage when Hit" (Lightning-Retaliation) monster modifier when hit.

Its name originates from a former nemesis modifier of the same name: Lightning Mirage. It was also previously a part of the archnemesis modifier Storm Strider (of Storm-stridingof Storm-striding
50% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage (Hidden)
30% increased Lightning Damage (Hidden)
Gain 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage (Hidden)
+40% to Lightning Resistance (Hidden)

Similar to the "Caustic Orb on Death" or "Exploding Orbs" monster modifiers, the mirage will chase the player character for a duration and explode on contact, dealing Lightning damage and inflicting Shock. Since there a delay between contact and the actual explosion, players can move away from the mirage to avoid damage.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Monster mods now only do one specific thing.
  • Lightning Mirages spawned by monsters with the Storm Strider modifier now spawn a short distance away from the player, instead of right on top of them. Monsters with this modifier now have a 2 second global cooldown for Triggering a Lightning Mirage when Hit (previously 0.75 second), and Lightning Mirages now have a 1 second cooldown until they can use their explosive skill (previously 2 seconds).
  • Magic Monsters with the Storm Strider modifier no longer trigger a Lightning Mirage when Hit.
  • Storm Strider: Trigger Lightning Mirage when Hit now has a 0.75 second global cooldown (previously 0.5 second).
  • Archnemesis modifiers have been rebalanced and added to the core game. Existing Magic and Rare monster modifiers have been replaced with Archnemesis modifiers.
  • Bloodlines and Nemesis have been removed from the core game. Some of their modifiers have been incorporated into the new monster modifier system.
  • Now also spawns from archnemesis modifier Storm Strider. [Undocumented This change was not documented by any official sources. It was discovered through player testing or datamining.]
  • Fixed a bug where the Lightning Mirage nemesis mod when stolen from monsters created clones that would target the player, rather than monsters.
  • Added 6 dangerous new Nemesis mods.