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After completing the story and entering the epilogue, players will start progressing through Path of Exile's endgame.

Path of Exile has multiple options for endgame content.


Mapping is where most of the endgame content is located. It has the following progression:

  1. Complete maps to unlock more of the Atlas and additional Atlas Passive Skill Tree customization options.
  2. Progress the quests to acquire the Maven's Beacon and defeat bosses while being witnessed by the Maven for Atlas Passive Points.
  3. Progress the quests to defeat The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds to unlock their Voidstones.
  4. Progress the quests and defeat The Shaper and The Elder, then both in the Uber Elder encounter to unlock his Voidstone.
  5. Defeat more Maven-witnessed bosses to collect Crescent Splinters to form The Maven's Writ and defeat The Maven to her Voidstone.
  6. Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas, culminating in Sirus, Awakener of Worlds for valuable rewards and a Favorite Map slot.
  7. Defeat Venarius in the Cortex Unique Map for valuable rewards and a Favorite Map slot.
  8. Complete the Maven's special Invitations by having her witness various endgame bosses to unlock the last remaining Atlas Passive Points.
  9. Defeat powerful endgame bosses while witnessed by the Maven and complete Maven's Invitation: The Feared.
  10. Complete Tier 17 maps and defeat powerful bosses within to acquire an extra Map Device item slot.
  11. Collect fragments from Tier 17 maps to challenge the "Uber" versions of endgame bosses for valuable rewards.


Delve is an alternative endgame where players progress through the Azurite Mine to unlock more and more powerful and rewarding challenges and they dive endlessly lower into the mines.


Heist is another alternative endgame where players go on more and more dangerous missions to steal valuable loot to fund a Grand Heist to obtain valuable rewards.


The Forbidden Sanctum is an alternate endgame where player ventures into a dungeon filled with enemies and traps while avoiding death and damage to their Resolve and dealing with various boons and afflictions in the way. The Sanctum contains currency rewards that are granted immediately or after completing a floor or dungeon.

League Specific

Some challenge league will introduce content which augments current endgames and some will implement a league-specific end game. See the league pages for more information.